Acne and Milk of Magnesia

Here is a very interesting and strange use for Milk of Magnesia, curing acne?

I learned about Phillips Milk of Magnesia by reading Paula Begoun’s book, “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me.” Magnesium is a great oil absorber and soother/healer, and it is a lot less smelly, cumbersome, and hard to wash off than most clay masks.

Milk of Magnesia is so effective at absorbing oil, you can even apply a thin layer under makeup to reduce shine during the day! This takes a little practice; if you get it on too thick you get white powdery residue, but you just have to use a small amount and let it dry.

Then gently wipe away any excess before you apply makeup! This helps get rid of red, irritated skin and helps dry up acne when you use it overnight.

Acne and Milk of Magnesia

Not precisely a miracle product, but Milk of Magnesia is very good in the fight against acne and oily skin.

Milk of MagnesiaMake sure you get Original Milk of Magnesia and not mint! Mint can irritate the skin!

After using milk of magnesia on his face for only two weeks, his skin has improved. It is so much better that instead of hiding behind shoulder-length hair, he got his hair cut so his face can actually be seen now.

Milk of magnesia definitely works on severe acne. Be sure to get the original flavor of MoM, because the mint one contains mineral oil. It’s wonderful to have my son smiling again.

Dermatologists are skeptical that milk of magnesia would be helpful against acne even though a letter in the Archives of Dermatology (January 1975) stated that topical application of Milk of Magnesia might reduce redness and inflammation.

We have received a number of testimonials like yours. Certainly there is little harm in trying Milk of Magnesia on blemishes

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