Acne Gone in 3 Days

Acne Gone in 3 Days

Acne Gone in 3 Days

Found this post on a messageboard about Acne Gone in 3 days:

well i got this book from this guy, he’s not a dernatologist but he’s been studying acne for over 20 years. he found something that only 2% of the world knows! well the true cause of your acne is mucous, yup, mucous. i was skeptical at first but then tried it and on the third day i woke up and looked in the mirror and pinched myself cuz it felt like a dream, my face, it was so incredible, it was like the same smooth, clear skin i had when i was 14. and i had moderate to severe acne about a week ago.

the reason why the government did not tell us the true cure is because the gov. gets so much money every year on acne product profits, if you go to the aisle with all the skin stuff, you’ll see how much junk is there, how much they really make off of this, if the gov. told america how to do it then they would loose millions of dollars every year, thats a good idea but i think that bull giving people with acne more and more emotional pain.

The secret acne gone in 3 days  is that you dont eat for one day, give your stomach a rest, since your eating and eating all the time, when you do this you body goes through this “turbo” cleansing system. for example you know how your stomach “breaks down” your food so you can digest it, well if you dont eat anything on the first day your stomach has nothing to break down except for toxins in the body.

ok ok getting to the point, you have a drink you could make at your own home, my friend figured out that lemon or lime juice is the number one killer of mucous, so hear me out now. you go and buy some lemons or lemon juice at the store, mix some lemon juice with water, about 20 drops to be specific, and at the same time you dont eat for that day, all you do is keep drinking the juice all day long, this will break down mucous and cleans your system at the same time! about 8-10 glasses of that drink. That is all there is to do for acne gone in 3 days

  • day 1-nothing to eat aka “fast” while lemon drink
  • day 2- eat as many fruits as you can all the fruit or vegetables you want
  • day 3- same as day one

What to Eat on Acne Gone in 3 Days

to tell what foods have mucous in them, well rice, flour, cereal, eggs unless boiled, salt, pizza, bread, but all these foods really wont affect you. If you keep eating and eating all these types of foods your acne will come back so what i did was that three day plan every week. its incredible too because

  1. you’ll wake up refreshed
  2. have energy all day
  3. think better
  4. the color in your eyes will be more brillant
  5. have that energy boost when you need it
  6. you hair and nails will grow like crazy
  7. you’ll be more confident

ps if you have mild acne i suggest you shouldnt try this system, just cut back on the foods lists.

If you want to learn more about this system then go to Acne Gone in 3 Days. Acne gone in 3 days seems to work well


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