Acne was a big issue for me growing up. When I was about 12 or 13 I got acne for the first time and it spread over the years from my face to my shoulders, back and chest. f there is anyone that can really feel for people with acne it would be me as I had all of the physical and mental problems that others with acne had.

I suffered from low self esteem, was shy and nervous around people, I had some scarring and the redness and white heads were bad as well. I tried to take car of my acne in my mid to late teens by taking care of my skin, washing my face twice or three times a day with an anti bacterial soap, used skin creams like Clearasil and took Tetracycline for many years in different dosages as well as Accutane. All of these treatments helped somewhat but none were a magic cure to my fight with acne

In my mid 20’s the acne just naturally went away for me. Now at 39 I occasionally get skin blemishes but not very often and I have not had any acne on my chest or back or shoulders for years now.

I would like to start a little guide here on what is working or not working for acne and hopefully some of the more recent acne discoveries will help people get away from the problems that I had in my late teens and twenties with acne.

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