What causes acne

While there are always new questions to answer, many of the factors that tend to produce acne have been well researched. Hormones and Sebum It's no accident that acne tends to be associated with teens. It strikes over 85% of us during those years. It's at that stage of life when hormone levels … [Read more...]

Stress and acne linked

Acne blemishes are a nuisance in adolescence but for some people they occur in adult life as well. Unfortunately, adult cases of acne are often more persistent than teenage acne, and this can be particularly frustrating for those who were spared outbreaks as teenagers.Nearly 103 million people … [Read more...]

Cleansing Up Acne breakouts

Dwelling with some thing like zits can be extremely discouraging. You could come across you lost at times and uncertain what to do as a consequence of the self esteem you lack. There is certainly no need to let some thing like zits continue to keep you from dwelling life the best way you want to. … [Read more...]

Acne Treatment During Pregnancy

If you need acne treatment during pregnancy you may not be at all happy about it! Unfortunately acne is one of the side effects of pregnancy for many women. It is unexpected in many cases and it can be depressing, especially as it often breaks out at a time when your hormones are giving you the … [Read more...]

Best Makeup to Prevent Acne

What is the best makeup to prevent acne? This is a question that will be on the minds of many girls and young women. Up to 90% of young people in the western world suffer from acne, and this at a time in our lives when we are most concerned about our personal appearance. So what can be done? Acne … [Read more...]