Herbal Skin Care

With people becoming more interested in natural products, herbal skincare has seen a boom in recent years. This has happened to some extent due to the manufacturers of skincare products realizing that people are interested in natural solutions and by supplying it on a large scale more people can … [Read more...]

Your Brows

Your brows frame your eyes and reshaping them can make a big difference to the way you look. Coloring can also change the way that they set off your face. Contrary to popular belief the hairs of your brow will not grow back thicker if you pluck them. In fact by constantly plucking your brows you're … [Read more...]

Face Cleansing Tips

There are lots of tips that will help you with face cleansing but there are even more things that you can do to make srue that your face is clean and will not break out. Follow these 14 tips for fresher, cleaner, blemish free skin. Face Cleansing Tips If you wear makeup often you should get … [Read more...]

Applying Foundation

The first step when applying foundation is to ensure that you shake the bottle well. This is particularly important when using oil based foundations as they tend to separate. If you haven't already applied some moisturizer to your face then add a touch of moisturizer to your palm (just a few drops … [Read more...]