How to pop a zit

Everyone know that you are not supposed to pop a zit but for all of us it is a very difficult thing not to do. I have lots of scars from having big zits over the years but most of those scars are because I would have a deep cyst and as it swelled my skin it stretched it.

How to pop a zit

How to pop a zit

So if you want to pop a zit then there are a few rules and a good way to pop it as well.

First of all the zit needs to have a whitehead on it. If there is not whitehead then what are you going to pop?

Next Make sure that the center of the zit seems to be very soft.

How to Pop a Zit

Okay her we go. Time to take out that zit.

  1. Disinfect a needle with 99% rubbing alcohol. You should find a very thin needle for this as you do want to minimize the size of the hole
  2. Slide the needle in just a little. You want to pierce the skin but don’t want to go deeper than that.
  3. Get two pieces of toilet paper and dip them in the alcohol.
  4. Squeeze by trying to force the pus and watery substance to come out

Once you have done this, remember that the stuff in the zit should slowly leach out. Try to give a warm or hot water compress to help the stuff out of the head for about 2 or 3 minutes and then again use a compress of that rubbing alcohol. The biggest fear that I would have for that zit is that being exposed it can become infected and then you will definitely have a scar.

So as you see there is not much to worry about. If the zit is read to pop then pop that zit. Just make sure that you take the proper precautions and protect your skin in the process.

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