Skin in your 20s and 30s

As you move from your teenage years to your early 20s most people notice some changes in the skin.
Generally the skin will tend to improve, with less of the spots that can cause so much suffering through the teenage years.

The skin is generally a lot more normal than it will be at many of the times in your life.
During this time there is less necessity for face care products although using good products at this time will ensure that your skin stays good as you age.

For those who have had a bit too much exposure to the sun in the teenage years the first signs of damage might start to appear in the form of broken capillaries, freckles and lines around the eyes.

Hopefully for those who have been exposed to the sun they will take this as a warning sign to be a more careful in the future as sun damage is cumulative.

As you move into your 30s, once again provided you haven’t been over exposed to the sun, your skin complexion should still look firm and youthful.

The fine lines that you saw starting to appear in your 20s will become more pronounced as will other signs of sun damage such as freckles and other pigmentation changes.

The skin won’t be producing the same levels of oil as in younger years, and this can sometimes lead to dryness.

Later on in your 30s you might start to notice sensitivities to various different products that you have used without problems for years.

It can be seen that the earlier you begin to look after your skin the better condition that it will be later in life.

The biggest factor that will determine the condition of your skin in your 20s and 30s will be how often and how much you expose your skin to the sun.


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